IMPORTANT COVID INFORMATION Some hotels are no longer allowing scooter deliveries. Call us first. 

Best & Most Reliable Service, Newest & Best Maintained Equipment, Familiy Owned & Operated Location, You Will Love Our Scooters.

How Yellow Scooters got started in Las Vegas.

A few years ago Neil and Julie and family started out from Australia heading to the USA on their big adventure to follow their dreams. Firstly building a business in Florida which didn't work out. But not to be beaten they looked for a new opportunity and negotiated a deal with Yellow Scooters in Orlando. They accepted the enormous challenge to start from scratch a Yellow Scooters mobility rental business in Las Vegas. So just like the old time American pioneers they packed up their worldly goods and the kids into their SUV and begun their wagon train heading out west. After a truly adventurous journey they arrived late one evening under the bright and a little scary Las Vegas lights with no idea where to begin.

The next day they walked out onto the strip and started to knocking on doors and convince the hotels to give them a chance. Now that's old news, 5 years of 24/7 dedicated hard work and sacrifice later these guys have built Yellow Scooters Las Vegas to be one of the premier mobility equipment rental companies in Las Vegas with hundreds of scooters and the best reputation in town. Seriously they have the best reputation in Las Vegas, ask anybody!! Thanks to this adventurous and ambitious hard working family who never strayed from following and sticking to their hopes and dreams here in the US, we are all blessed with the best most awesome mobility rental company in Las Vegas. They will be there for you!!

We at Yellow Scooters Las Vegas are dedicated to provide the best most reliable scooters at a fair price to anyone who needs that little extra help getting about. Our delivery service will be free and we promise to make our service awesome. Thousands of happy returning customers every year proves we will work hard for you.

At Yellow Scooters Las Vegas we aim to provide customers with a memorable and enjoyable visit to Las Vegas. We are 100% dedicated, motivated and committed to providing the best equipment and customer service possible, the kind we would want for ourselves, our friends and our family. The sheer volume of returning customers speaks for itself as we continue to exceed peoples expectations every day.
All our equipment will arrive fully inspected and maintained, clean and sanitized. All this and the best price around. Our services also include various sizes of scooters and wheelchairs to meet all customer requirements. Call us or book online today to get the best deal, the best scooters and the best service in Vegas, we guarantee it.

We look forward to helping you with your mobility needs at Yellow Scooters Las Vegas

A personal message:

We would like to thank all of our wonderful returning and new customers for your business and support, we could not have got this far without you guys. We promise to continue to do all we can to continue to earn your business now and into the future.

Thanks a million

Neil & Julie